dreamWhat does your dream of the perfect space include? We’ll help you discover the details, then we’ll use your preferences to create the room of your dreams.

designOur professional interior designers create a comprehensive plan for your space—the same type of plan we create for non-DIY clients.

+DIYYour Out of the Box room design will include a detailed space plan, with everything you need to turn your space into the room of your dreams.

Welcome! DIY Interior Design

What happens when you combine your personal style and just the right amount of DIY enthusiasm and elbow grease with our professional interior design services?  You find—and release—your home’s inner “Wow!”

With Out of the Box Room Design, you can use professional DIY Interior Design services to help you transform your home—at your own pace, and at a fraction of the cost you’d pay for traditional design services.

Are you ready to transform your room—or even your whole home—into the place of your dreams?  Take a few minutes to browse our site and learn how our unique mix of professional interior design and DIY elbow grease can help you achieve your goals in style with DIY Interior Design!

 ”I’ve always wanted to help DIY-ers achieve the same level of professional design that we offer our Polka Dots & Rosebuds Interior Design clients.  More than ever before, Out of the Box Room Design makes affordable luxury available to everyone!”
–Liz Toombs, owner of Polka Dots & Rosebuds Interior Design

You are to be commended! Your advice for our classroom color selections have been a big hit with the entire academic community! It was reassuring for me to know we were relying on your experience and expertise for color palette in our classrooms. Also because of your recommendation, we are looking into purchasing Bistro style tables and chairs to add a fresh look to our new Student Center. Again, thank you for your prompt and gracious response to our questions!

-Donna, Worcester, MA

I have always been apprehensive about working with a designer. I didn’t really understand much about how the process worked and limited funds meant I would need to space projects out over time. I wanted to do most of the work myself but just felt stuck as to where to begin. I don’t often feel confident about picking colors and putting together the finishing touches.

Out of the Box’s simple approach was perfect! I received space plans, color choices, pretty much everything I needed to put together rooms that fit my taste, my budget and my timeline. I’ve already redecorated one bedroom based on the designs provided and I’m excited to do more. The possibility of built in bookshelves around our fireplace came to life in the plans provided to us for our family room, along with the recommendation of hardwood floors, a rug and a new furniture arrangement.  When the budget allows it, I know exactly what to do and where to start. Thank you, Out of the Box, for making a beautifully designed home an option for everyone!

-Leann, Winston- Salem, North Carolina